Big Questions

During the month of June 2013 we conducted a single question survey around Hook to find out the most popular questions people would like to ask God. From these questions the top 5 were answered during our Sunday meetings in September that year, which you can listen to here on this page.

The top 5 questions were:

How can I know God exists? 
I can't see God or feel God so what evidence is there to prove that he really exists? Isn't God in the same category as Father Christmas – make believe for children and the naïve?

What is the purpose of my life? 
Is this life all there is? Is there any meaning to my existence beyond my experiences during my natural lifespan and my relationships with my family and friends?

Unfortunately, there is no recording available for our talk titled, What is the purpose of my life?

What about other religions?
There are so many different religions how can I know which one is true? At the end of the day aren't they really all the same? 

Why does God allow disasters?
The world is full of wars, famines and natural disasters that cause suffering for millions of people. If God is good and loving why doesn't he stop these things from happening?

Why do bad things happen to people I love?
It makes me angry and unhappy when people I care about get sick and die, or go through other tough life experiences. Surely if God really cared about me he would prevent these things happening.