Rosy Glow

This year's Westpoint has left me with a 'rosy glow.' Don't get me wrong, previous Westpoints have been great, but this year it felt like being with family. I think this is mainly due to the fabulous catering effort made by Marianne, Kim, Sarah and Aimee. Being able to just turn up and eat meals that had been prepared was amazing and really lifted that burden of trying to cook outdoors on a dodgy Calor Gas cooker, plus it got everyone together, young and old. I think it does take time to really get to know people, but spending a few days together really helps that.

The teaching was amazing. I particularly got a lot from hearing Mark Jobe speak on the Widow's Oil, 'What have you got in your house?' Also Phil Moore was sensational. I would really recommend that you listen to the downloads if you get a chance. The weather was kind to us and the children were free to play. There were lots of activities for them and they were so good.

I went to some of the afternoon seminars, one in particular was good entitled Naturally Supernatural with Wendy Mann. I bought the book! After the evening meetings I really enjoyed Paul Kerensa, the stand-up comedian; The Cheers who were a live band and got just about everyone dancing; also the Saltmine Theatre group who performed a spectacular re-enactment of John Newton's life.

Time spent in The Hub was good, browsing around the bookshop and various craft stalls as well as having a coffee. I walked into the worship extra tent one morning and felt instantly peaceful and close to God.

Overall I think that this weekend, it was like God had seated me at his banqueting table. I was able to taste and see that He is good. I feel really challenged to spend more time listening to God and spend more time in his presence. Also to use the giftings that God has given me and to stop being afraid and start trusting Him.

Big thanks to all the people who served so well. Angie and David Gibbons were actually working all weekend, but managed to be with us all. Kathryn and Emily were helping with the kids work and Jo was helping with the youth work. Also David Grant who tirelessly helped put up and pull down tents with a smile on his face and was there extra early to put up the marquee for us. Planning for next year now! But hopefully trying to maintain and put into practice everything I have learnt.