ylife is a group for school years 6 - 9 on Sunday Mornings, during the sermon. After worship the group will head out and go through age relevant materials. The aim is to encourage them in development of their own faith, to dig in to the Bible and discover how it applies to their lives, discussing this with each other every week.


ylife+ is a group for school years 10 - 13, meeting on Sunday evenings to discuss their faith, to encourage and motivate good self-discipline and care for the community. These sessions usually take place in Leader's homes and are unlikely to follow a set programme.

Friday Night Life is a social group for young people at secondary school and sixth form college, which takes place on alternate Friday evenings every month during term time. There is a wide range of activities that take place most evenings at the Life Church Centre, but there will also be evenings held elsewhere from time to time.

Registration: Each young person who wants to come to Friday Night Life must have their parent or carer complete the registration form before they attend.

Upcoming Friday Night Life Evenings

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